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Hello My dears <3
Last night was really exciting for all of our dears. I was feeling really anxious because I flew from Los Angeles to here, Budapest and I don't speak the language, but luckily for me... My dear
koshitsu-kamira http://koshitsu-kamira.livejournal.com/ helped me out along with other friends of her!!!
I just wanted to see GACKT so much!!! I am right now in Danubius Hotel Arena... really really REALLY close from the SYMA... just crossing the street XD

we were waiting in line since 16:00, then around 18:00 we started going inside just to be again in a queue line XDDD
meanwhile I started to hand out glow-sticks... that didn't even glowed... Anyways we finally went inside the venue after 5 minutes and Kamira and I, along with other friends got a really nice place near the stage <3

GACKT took his 15 minutes extra to come on stage, but when he did, my heart just wanted to come out my chest. I was mesmerized by his presence, his hair was really pretty! he has this new color and new style!

I loved when they sang Vanilla! everyone was crazy!!! of course and all the fan-service he gave along with JON!! GACKT touched with his finger his sweaty body and then he licked it as he then pointed to the crowd!!
JON was naughty as well! he placed his hand on the same high as to were MAGNUM is at... and GACKT almost pulled JON's pants down.

After some songs GACKT asked us... shyly and while panting "Do you... do you... do you..." then I was like "YESSSSSSSSSSS" he kind of smiled, then he proceeded "do you.." then me again and some other fans "YES WE DO"
then he said "Do you want me to come back here Again?" All the crowd went wild!!! of course!!!!
then he kept on joking and said "DO YOU LOVE MEEEEE? "SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU LOVE ME"
"DO YOU WANT TO FUCK ME?" (yes he said that" <3

Chachamaru was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!! always smiling during the concert. anytime you looked at him, he would be smiling!

YOU was really gorgeous as well!!! rocking out with his skills!! one of Kamira's friend got YOU's water bottle!!!

Shinya on the back but walking in front for a while!! he is kind of shy but I still think he is really charming!

U:zo and his mad skills to play the Bass!!! really I was happy to see him smile!

and JON.....
he was such a sweetheart!! I don't speak Hungarian, but I am sure all the fans welcomed him as he deserves! he is a nice fellow!!! I hope all the negative comments will disappear. ):

almost at the end of the concert GACKT seemed like he was going to faint.. I got so worried that instead of shouting I just got quiet while looking at him.. I was really scared for him and his health. That man was really tired, luckily JON was there for him and got his back and avoided him from falling <3

Takumi such a sweetie!! he was so cute at the end when he just stayed on stage all by himself and wrapped his body with some banners made by skilled fans!!!

that's most of it! they also threw their clothes and water and shouted!! <3 GACKT's body got tinnier than last year but still has good shape!!! I Can't help but to think of naughty stuff... >.>

andddddd I lost my voice the next day!! only for a short period!! in the early morning... but it was worth it! I got a photo-book to remember!!!


The marshmallow song question......

in the episode in which the allies are eating marshmallows by the campfire someone starts singing the Marshmallow song, but I don't know if it is France or England.... it's been bugging me since the episode release but now is when I finally decided to ask XD
the voice sounds more like France's but his lips aren't moving, and the voice doesn't  sound liked England's

I want to thank Hetalia and The Mangaka

Ok, this is going to be long, so if you please believe in destiny, or just want to find out what happened to me then I invite you to read my story.
then again, if I am not supposed to post this in here just let me know and I'll remove it.

I am an 18-years old High School senior and
I started believing in destiny on January, when  I was in need to take pictures of cosplayers at an anime convention. the thing is that my battery charger was broken  and I needed something to  put it together to its adapter. My group and I went to sit on a corner and there, lying next to me was a rubber band. I said.... "I'll use this to hold my battery to its adapter together!"
then I realized that the rubber band was meant to be there for me. as silly as it sounds, after a while we saw the masquerade, the one we wantet to participate and for some reason we did not, and there was a group of cosplayers that had the same equipment my group and I were planning to use. then I realized again that it was destiny we did not participate

Here is were I start talking about Hetalia...
I've been hiding to everyone I know that I might have a disease that takes its time to take everything away from me (consuming myself)
I been like that for more than a year now. the thing is that when I started watching and reading hetalia, I got really interested in history and why it happened so I do my researches on internet about events mentioned in hetalia. RUSSIA was my first favorite character, and so I saw this video


it is about Anastasia, a character whose background I wanted to research.
when I was reading her story, I came to a part that said....

: "Anastasia's older sister, Maria, reportedly hemorrhaged in December 1914 during an operation to remove her tonsils...."

I was so curious about what ttonsils were so I made a research and several images showed on the scream with a description.

Tonsillolith is another word used for tonsils, and it it the same disease I have.
it said that it is a harmless little thing that is not to be alarmed for.

Here is why I say this is destiny, if I Hetalia didn't exists, and if I never researched for for Anastasia, I would problably continue living with the Idea I had cancer, and for some reason Hetalia was created, everyone has a thing to do in this world, and Hidekaz Himaruya's destiny was to create Hetalia, for me and for some other people out there, whose lives are being changed foe good and now I can say that I am very greateful to God for letting things happen as they have to happen, and Himaruya sensei, who doesn't know, and never will know that his work saved a life.

I am going to deffend Hetalia against those who want to dirty its image.
now I can be at ease that I am not going to be leaving my family (for now).

so, I was inspired to type all this. XD
thanks for reading.




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